How To Feel Safe In A Less Than Safe Neighborhood

There are lots of reasons why you might have ended up living in a less than safe neighborhood. Maybe you are out of a job at the moment, or your current income might be limiting the housing choices you can look into. You might have also gone through a divorce, and you were forced to move out of your home and rent a cheaper place in a more dangerous city area. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: you will need to focus on taking some additional precautions to be and feel safe. To come to your help, here are some useful ideas and tricks to regain your peace of mind in this regard.

How To Tell If You Live In A Dangerous Neighborhood

  • If you notice a lot of sirens at night, you most likely live in a place where the criminal activity is in bloom.

  • If you see lots of liquor bottles and beer cans lying around the sidewalks or inside people's yards, chances are you have also chosen a rather rough neighborhood to live in.

  • Some homeowners decide to have safety grills installed on the windows as extra protection measures. Look around you; do most of the homes have these bars fitted? What about the stores and businesses in the area? These are also additional indicators that you are living somewhere dangerous.

  • You could be also trying to if you also happen to hear any shots fired or there are lots of abandoned buildings and drug deals or loud domestic fights happening in open air, you are most likely dealing with a dangerous place.

What To Do About It

  • Hire a home locksmith and have them take a look at the current locks you have on your doors. Old, worn-out, or poor quality commercial grade-3 locks should be re-keyed, fixed, or replaced with newer and better commercial grade-1 or at least grade-2 deadbolt locks for enhanced protection.

  • You can opt for a local locksmith in the neighborhood, or hire a national company that is more trustworthy and reliable. If you live in a large city like Los Angeles, you could be hiring the guys at; they are known for offering the entire range of residential,m commercial, and automotive services, as well as 24/7 emergency lockout assistance. They can fix or install any known lock on the market, make duplicate keys if you need some extra keys done for your key management, install locks and safety grills on your windows, or even on your mailing box in the front yard.

  • If you cannot afford any modern-day, electronic locks, you should at least make sure your home is protected from potential intruders by a sturdy deadbolt lock on the front door.

  • Make a habit out of always keeping all the doors and windows locked, even when you are at home. You never know when an opportunist thief might decide to try their luck with a front or back door and find it open.

  • If possible, have even the simplest home alarm system fitted by an authorized locksmith, or follow some DIY instructions you can find online and install the alarm yourself.

  • Get a dog as they are some of the most efficient thief deterrents you could think of.

  • Get better acquainted with your neighbors and try to understand who are your allies and who are the potential troublemakers you should stay away from.