With each sunrise, let’s be reminded that millions of our citizens have yet to experience the abundance of Americas’ prosperities.

At Home, many of our fellow men live in poor neighborhoods riddled with drugs; others fear the streets where the breath of violence lurks; idle industries have cast countless men and women into unemployment, human misery and personal indignity. Nonetheless, despite their inability to fulfill their home mortgage bills, leading them to face foreclosures, these middle-class workers who are forced to tell their loved ones, “I am sorry. We can’t pay our bills today” still extend their arm to their friends of need.

At Home, innocent children growing up in this needy climate need to endure the high divorce rates around them, and later on, be burdened by college expenses, which prevent them from having a fresh start in life.

At Home, young entrepreneurs face inequality for capital access. This causes instability for new aspiring enterprises to come about. Our citizens demand business and political practices to be based on the founding stone of Giving. Yet, often, we lose faith in the business markets and government because of their self-centered way of thinking: “You Lose, I Win.” “Where does this get me?” “This person doesn’t look like me, so I won’t give her a chance.”

Abroad, the world on one hand is shrinking as the Internet connects our global village and makes life efficient. Yet, the overflow of inaccurate information and bashing opinions have become for many a force of confusion. The fast lifestyle of the Internet can urge our pure young people to think in instant gratifications and short-cuts, rather than saying: “Yes! I will persevere.” Some jobs become obsolete: software and machines do the manufacturing work of a few good men. Technology increases our ways of communication … not our genuine union.

Abroad, our fellow humans are crippled by the cruelties of war and terrorism and women and children are denied from their basic human rights, troubled too by human trafficking. Jets in Spain and industrial factories in Japan are melting the ice-caps in the Arctic, shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic and bringing drought to farms from Texas to Tuscany. And deep mistrust among nations and frayed alliances results in little international cooperation on global challenges.

Abroad and at home, our humanity will often sigh in sadness and say that these challenges and the destructive force of egoism obstruct the path towards self-realization, a brighter tomorrow and the pursuit towards a career one really loves.



From 2010 to 2014, we have heard James speak and write about solutions for our common challenges.

Most of his words are published here on March 2015.

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All major religions begin with one simple question: “Why are we here?”

In two simple words: To Light.

If not us, Who? If not now, When?

We ARE none but ONE. And when we are met with pessimism and fear, and those who demand to darken the times with heart and hand, let us march forward with moral courage and humility, lifting that torch to light life.


Before you spend a white dime … save for a black day.

Before you express yourself … listen and think.

Before you criticize … look within.

Before you give up … believe again.

Before you pray to the Creator … forgive your enemy.

Before you find yourself … lose yourself in the service of a higher-purpose.

Let’s Light America!