EST. in 1988, Flag & Symbol LLC is one of the most respected enterprises in the international market for Promotional Items & Flags. With over 5,000 clients, we serve Prime Ministers offices, the President’s office, IDF, Government Departments, Municipalities, The knesset, Azrieli Group, AIPAC, Teva, SanDisk, Stand With Us, Motorola, Subaru, Nissan, Sonol, Paz, Intel, Budget, and more.
Our mission is to unlock the power of each nation, especially the United States of America.
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Reach Your Star ™

Based on a true story.

Battles, Mystery, Tragedy, and Love, the story ventures to magical landscapes around the globe to hunt for a treasure, The Equation.
While traveling through 4 continents, the reader explores Personal Transformation, The Universe, Life, Success & Accomplishments, Happiness, Energy, Wealth, Aesthetics, History, Astronomy, Entrepreneurship and Philosophy.
People today want a bigger, brighter and better future. The Equation book lets people express their dreams.
“The Equation is a Cross-Cultural Odyssey, an asset that will inspire in people the science of accomplishment.”

– Larry King, Larry King Now

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The Equation Book is the first transformative adventure book to create a Mobile Game to be distributed worldwide.
The Equation Game gives you the will to break your boundaries and create your Own Success on the screen. Luck is not created for you, but BY you.
Experience the epic story of The Equation.Destiny is a Decision.
EST. in 2008, TarantinDream LLC is a media holding company, engineered to create and export to many international markets a vast library of inspiring Intellectual Property.
Since its inception, TarantinDream has created in house content for children including 3D movie franchises, books, animation videos, trading card games and superhero toys: Cross-Cultural creations that will spark the imagination of each generation.
In 2011, TarantinDream founded TarantinDream Games; a company that encompasses an all-star team that creates Mobile Games. Mobile Games are expected to hold the largest growth of all the Gaming Platforms. Android & IOS now generate more revenue than all Nintendo & X-box’s portable games combined.

A superhero movie series that tells the story of a father and son whose loving relationship inspire a worldwide revolution. One of the most famous and touching stories in the history of literature.
Our Algorithm software results not just in record 3D Box Office Tickets, but the ability of the Intellectual Property to monetize international business classes: Tech SuperHero Toys, Licensed Merchandise, Comic Books, Mobile Games and Theme Park rides.
The structure and inspiring story may change pop culture.