Trent M. Kittleman
To Whom it May Concern:
I enthusiastically endorse James Tarantin for U.S. Senate. I have been involved in politics for over 40 years, serving in every capacity.
Johnny Salling
As the State Senator of the 6th District of Baltimore County I would like to endorse my friend and future US SENATOR James Tarantin. He has my full support.
Joseph Boteler
James Tarantin embodies the American Dream. He is an entrepreneur, author, philosopher, and public speaker. His experience in business will equip him
Ric Metzgar
When I take a moment to enter the endorsement of someone I look for three characteristics I look for vision I look for leadership and I look for integrity and as.
Reid J. Novotny
James and I believe that our Nation was formed on the precept of electing public servants…not career politicians. Personally, as a 20 year veteran of military service
Saul Anuzis
Al Cardenas
Ellen Sauerbrey
Marylander James Tarantin is an inspiring candidate for the US. Senate. His rags to riches life story, his well thought out policy positions and his ability to articulate
Thomas Kennedy
James Tarantin is an American patriot who came to this country from distant shores and has seen with clear eyes the beauty and greatness of America.