Dangers of Our Time

With each sunrise, James is reminded that millions of our citizens have yet to experience the abundance of Americas’ prosperity. The American Dream no longer works for most Americans. James Tarantin believes that The American Dream is becoming the American Illusion for millions of Americans from all walks of life living in poverty.

Since the dawn of civilization, the biggest threat to mankind is politicians with corrupt intents.
When money buys politicians, then the laws favor the rich and people cannot make their voice come alive and cannot accomplish their sacred dreams.

  • At home Loss of trust in the system: corruption is the biggest threat to our democracy. Politicians make it so hard for the common man to vote. Additionally, just 158 wealthy families (who support these politicians) contributed nearly half of the early funding for the Presidential race of 2016. The wealthy infuse unlimited money into elections which persuade the people to vote as they wish so then specific laws will be passed that will benefit them. This stacks the cards against the people of Maryland and dissolves opportunity for all Americans. Every government has an immense safety net for the rich and Wall Street while real love and assistance for the people is virtually none. James Tarantin believes that Corruption in politics has led many Americans to completely lose faith in our Democracy and lose the opportunity to achieve their sacred dreams. Greed replaced ethics in the rigged system and voters want authentic representatives.
  • At homePersonal indignity: All over Maryland there are entrenched forms of poverty. Many of our fellow men and women live in poor neighborhoods that are riddled with drugs; many of those citizens fear the streets where all too often the threat of violence lurks, and; industries have cast countless men and women into unemployment, human misery and personal indignity. The job losses make it impossible to pay mortgages thus facing foreclosures, not to mention other rising costs of living such as utilities, clothing and food. Often, these middle-class workers are forced to tell their loved ones, “I am sorry. We can’t pay our bills today” yet they still extend their arm to their friends of need. James Tarantin is convinced that by catering to elite, career-long politicians has left many Americans with below average incomes; wages that have been stagnant for decades. But they may be the lucky ones. Many still face unemployment as their jobs are replaced by machines. Poor neighborhoods rife with drugs and violence cast people into personal indignity, while the wealthy take the home the lion’s share of the economic gains in forms of skyrocketing salaries and stock bonuses which all too often are paid by the tax-payer.
  • At homeBroken families: James Tarantin believes that the problems are right in front of us: innocent children growing up in harsh conditions, high divorce rates, the breakdown of the family, and later on they face huge college expenses … all prevent them from making their voice come alive and keep America from reaching its full potential.
  • At home Greed: Stockholders are focused on short-term prices and profits. It’s all about quarter-to-quarter short term profits. Long-term benefits/investments in the company and its workers cannot on corporate America balance sheet. James knows that this fosters ruthless competition and abandons trust which is essential for a vital economy. As a result, young entrepreneurs and small businesses all over America, face inequality for capital access. James sadly believes that this decreases the chance for new enterprises / small businesses in Maryland and America to emerge and grow.
  • At homeLeadership Gap: James says: “Just look at the facts.” More than 40 years of no immigration reform, more than 40 years of addiction foreign to oil, more 40 years of steady decline in productivity and a roller coaster of inflation and interest rates. 40 years of a tax-code that rewards financial speculations with tax-payers money. 40 years, According to Time Magazine on March 9, 2015, labor’s share of the economic pie has been decreasing since 1970’s, due to corporations shipping jobs overseas, factories shutting down in the heartland, and pressure from Wall-Streets bosses to reduce costs. Our citizens demand business and political practices to be based on the founding stone of Genuine Giving.
  • At homeAmerica is Behind: James Tarantin believes while Maryland and America have crumbling infrastructure, China and Dubai are building state-of-the-art airports, futuristic bridges, speedy trains and mega-attractions that cover thousands of acres.
  • AbroadConfusion breeds misery: the world on one hand is shrinking as the Internet connects our global village and makes life efficient. Yet, the influx of inaccurate information from the internet, bashing opinions becoming facts by the media and the violence induced by movies, all leaving many citizens unable to make good decisions and to seek instant gratifying short-cuts. James Tarantin believes in clarity and honesty.
  • AbroadRobots Vs. the Dignity of Mankind: At home and abroad, as the use of robots and artificial intelligence increases, many jobs become obsolete: software and machines do the manufacturing work of a few good men. Technology increases our ways of communication … not our genuine union. James Tarantin believes that the personal happiness of people come first.
  • AbroadTerror & Endless War: Our fellow humans are crippled by the cruelties of war and terrorism. Lack of human rights impacts all, but especially women and children. Human trafficking impacts these groups even further. Jets in Spain and industrial factories in Japan are melting the icecaps in the Arctic, shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic and bringing drought to farms from Texas to Tuscany. Deep mistrust among nations, fraying alliances, results in little international cooperation on global challenges. James Tarantin believes that its finally time to foster the infrastructure of genuine peace and Light among the nations of the world.

Our humanity often sighs in sadness and says that these challenges with the destructive force of egotism, obstruct the path towards self-realization, a brighter tomorrow and the pursuit towards a career one really loves.

Heal America by spreading Light & Unity!