My Message

My message is simple:
I wish to be a public servant because I want to Heal America.

I humbly believe that the greatest danger to humankind is career-long politicians.
When money buys politicians, the laws favor the rich and powerful.
When the laws favor the rich and powerful, the voices of the people cannot come alive. When their voices cannot come alive, they cannot fulfill their dreams.

That's it.

That is my message. That is my passion.
And therefore, my purpose can be summed up in these words:

Light. Unity.
Heal America.
It is time to Heal America and bring about a new sunrise of Light and Unity.

I would like to share with you my vision of how we can stand together to achieve the dream of a more prosperous world.

Throughout history, good and loving people have faced tremendous obstacles to make their voice come alive and fulfill their dreams.
What is the principal cause for this?
What is a primary barrier that prevents us from living in a world of unity and light?

With profound humility and with much evidence to support my statement, I believe that since the days of the Roman Senate, the greatest danger to mankind is career politicians with corrupt intentions. I honestly believe that when money buys the government of the people, the truth vanishes and the odds are never in the favor of the common man or woman and thus, the voices and dreams of the people die along with them.

Benjamin Franklin once wisely observed:
"Few in public affairs act from a meer view of the good of their country, whatever they may pretend… and did not act from a principle of benevolence. That fewer still, in public affairs, act with a view to the good of mankind."

In 2010, a kind college student from Cape Town studying in California said to me, "Think about it, if all the politicians were Mother Teresa, 80% of all humanity's problems would vanish. The world would be a paradise."

Let us remember a simple fact that many others said before: People do not make wars, governments do.

Same thing with laws; it is not the People or God who actually write up the laws of the United States or any other country on Earth. These laws are written by politicians who, according to Benjamin Franklin, have selfish and corrupt intentions, and we are all aware that they are mostly being backed by the rich who want to profit more from the government. Is it fair and honest to say that people in America and around the world need to obey laws that favor the rich and powerful?
What are some of the results of this?

Greed: Our economy becomes a game of numbers and profitability for the wealthy few rather than a moral science with a higher purpose of accumulating capital ethically for the benefit of all humankind.

No honesty: Honesty and loyalty are a commodity rarer than gold.

It is hard for us to see each other as equals because career politicians play the unfair and dangerous game of divide and conquer. Therefore, we are sadly divided and experiencing the warning of Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

Personal indignity: Here are some of the things people experience due to the direct and indirect actions of politicians: Violence. Drugs. Human trafficking. Our jobs are shipped overseas. Stagnant wages that cannot pay the bills. No access to the capital necessary to materialize a dream. And thus, personal misery that leads to mental depression, loneliness and countless broken homes.

Prosperity for the few without real opportunities for all the children of God is another form of poverty. Peace on paper without real love and unity is another form of war. Giving without genuine intentions for one another is another form of deceit. Being free on paper but not actually experiencing true freedom that liberates our true potential is a modern form of bondage.

The majority of citizens in America and around the world believe that the current system of government does not work. It’s time to replace selfish politicians with authentic, honest representatives. Hundreds of millions of people now believe that governments are nothing more than the personal company of the rich and for us it is not a real democracy, but
a mirage of democracy.
How do they succeed to do that to us and to our families?

The Roman Empire distracted its people from its corruption by giving them the colosseum. Governments around the world continue to use the same tactics but with other more advanced tools of distraction. One politician said to me in 2016 in Washington D.C., “Thank God for all these tech products. It helps us keep their eyes off the ball.”

Don’t think about blue elephants. Don’t think about blue elephants. Don’t think about blue elephants. Is it true that you are thinking now about blue elephants? That’s what they do. The ruling class violates your considerably basic human right of voting by spending billions of dollars on shrewd advertisement to tell you who to vote for. Then when their person is elected, who do you think the opportunities go to? Are the odds in your favor? Do you have a real chance to choose for yourself? Can a common citizen who wishes to run for office stand a chance if he does not have the money?

In 2018, a politician said to me, “Kid you need to understand how politics works. Every politician proposes a plan to the people that is based on empty promises. The moment they are elected their entire service then becomes ‘I pass laws in exchange of favors.'” I replied, “Why?” The politician said, “Politics is not about the truth, kid. It is about spinning the truth to hold power. Politics is a transactional business.”

One example of when politicians and the rich collaborated is in 1600 when they created the largest company in the history of the world; the East India Company. Whenever you have time, I suggest you go and read about the unspeakable horrors this company unleashed.

For 2,000 years, governments and monarchies have rarely ever wanted a world of harmony as genuinely as their people have wanted it. If politicians wanted world peace as much as their people do, we would have been living in paradise a long, long time ago.

What do you experience in your life?

I humbly believe that maybe the greatest terror of all … is that this greatest danger known as a life-serving politician, unleashed the greatest disease of all time explained well in the words of Andrew Carnegie, “It is one of the tragedies of civilization that we have not found a way to give every man the sort of work he likes best to do.”

It is further articulated through the words of Marlon Brando: “you don’t understand! I could have had class; I could have been a contender …
I could have been somebody!

Benjamin Franklin then adds: “many people die at 25 and are not buried until they are 75.”

The Greatest Disease of all time is people not being able to accomplish their dreams and make their voice come alive.

A young Black woman from New York said to me in February of 2014,
“James, come to think of it, no joke, it is a Genocide of Dreams.”

This is why I am in the race …
This is why I wish so dearly to serve you!
I passionately want to make your dreams come alive.

With each sunrise I realize that American Dream is not a reality for tens of millions of good honest people.

Enough of this genocide!

If not us, who?
If not now, when?!

My personal life story has much pain, but that genuine pain allows me to connect and fundamentally relate to the pains of others.
  • When I see a store closing on our street … this breaks my heart
  • When I see a mother that is low on food … this breaks my heart
  • When I see an immigrant all alone in the world … this breaks my heart
  • When I see artists and women hurt by the rich … this breaks my heart
  • When I see good people, who lost hope in life … this breaks my heart
People have been telling me, “James, why not take your money and enjoy life? Politics is such a dirty business.” I respond by saying that the heart wants what it wants … and that the best way to change the country and the world for the better is by changing the politicians. To go beyond labels and parties and heal.
I want people to make their voices come alive.
I want people to experience the dawn of their dreams.
I believe in a new golden age for all the citizens of humankind.
One world. One human race. One destiny.
And that destiny can be summed up in 2 words:

Light. Unity.

We can all agree that life is short. Life passes us by so painfully fast. We cannot buy time. Every day that passes by where you are unhappy, that is a lost day that will never come back.
So therefore, after decades and centuries of endless lies and backroom deals by politicians in America and around the world which all depress your voice, wouldn’t it be fair to say that it is time to try something new? A better more HOPEFUL model towards a world of unity and light? Is this too much to ask?

I believe that out of EMERGENCY … comes EMERGENCE.

Well, an emergency is upon us. Unethical politicians are the greatest danger mankind has met since the days of the Roman Senate. Abraham Lincoln once said, “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow The Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert The Constitution.”

We have no say over who our parents and our children will be but, just like in marriage … we can have a say over who our leaders shall be.


Now is the time to stop this Genocide of Dreams.

Now is the time to determine the direction of the centuries to come.

Now is the time to build genuine opportunities for all people!

Now is the time to make our voice come alive.

Now is the time to make our personal dreams come alive.

Now is the time to Heal America!

Now is the time to live in a united world full of honest light.

History tells us of those heroes who stood up against cruelty and for unity and light: the Battle at Thermopylae, the revolt of Spartacus, the Storming of the Bastille, the American Revolution, the Warsaw Uprising during World War 2, the lone man standing against the tanks in Tiananmen Square, and a Tunisian fruit-seller who set himself on fire so the world will stand up against corrupt regimes.

Like the United States who has such a rich tapestry of citizens whose bloodline is the genetic make-up composed of every race on Earth, so these heroes came from different places and spoke different tongues, but their hearts beat as one.
They sacrificed so the voices of ordinary men and women could come alive so that one day all of humanity could live in a new golden age defined not by wealth, ethnicity, race, or demographics, but by unity and light.
This is the truth, and the honest purpose mankind always returns to, just like the truth that almost every citizen in the world once looked at the stars and said, “Wow.”


My fellow citizens … we are none but one.

Thank you so much for reading my message today. I am humbled

I believe that someone somewhere in the past gave you a small chance in life.

I hope and pray with all my heart and soul that you can give me a chance.

And I promise you, I will devote every ounce of my soul …



to turn hate into love,
to turn division into genuine unity,
to turn darkness into light.

May your dreams come true.
James Tarantin for United States Senate Nov 8th /2022
Heal America.