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James Tarantin

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The Doug Pike Show

October 26th/2021 - starts at the 19:00 minute

Delegate Trent Kittleman Endorses

James Tarantin For United States Senate

Republican James Tarantin

Deposits $50,000 In Senate Effort

From Immigration to the American Dream

The Yurptizy Show

January 10th 2022: Circumventing Political Actions

WaterCooler DavidBrody Invites James Tarantin

James Tarantin ABC Channel Feature - Vote

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OAN Features James Tarantin

Statement in honor of the Black Month

The Baltimore Sun



All major religions begin with one simple question: "Why are we here?"

In two simple words: To Light.

If not us, Who? If not now, When?

Before you spend a white dime … save for a black day.

Before you express yourself … listen and think.

Before you criticize … look within.

Before you give up … believe again.

Before you pray to the Creator … forgive your enemy.

Before you find yourself … lose yourself in the service of a higher-purpose.

Heal America