For Mothers and Women

James Tarantin believes in EQUALITY AND EMPOWERMENT of Women, NOW and ALWAYS!


  • Often Women face systemic discrimination which promotes inequality
  • Women deserve THE same rights at work as men; Equal pay, Human Rights, and more!
  • Study after study show that that Latina women, Black women, Indigenous women and other female-class women, make less than men for the same job. What if corporations posted how much they pay women vs. their pay scale for men? If there’s a difference, they would be subject to penalties. This would put all corporations on notice that women deserve equal pay for an equal day’s work. Women are often the hardest hit by unequal pay, and unfair labor practices and this must end now!
  • James Tarantin believes that Governments around the world need to empower an environment where women have more opportunities without artificial barriers.
  • James Tarantin will FIGHT TIRELESSLY TO End all discrimination against women in Corporate America, college campuses, and everywhere.
  • Women who wish to raise their kids are respected, and women who choose to be in the business world are respected. We need to erase stereotypes involving women.
  • As of 2021, any woman or man, most of the times, can fly out of a U.S. state with any infant without proving that this child is hers or his. This practice is not safe, and a legitimate identification must be put in place so to make sure that only the real parent or legitimate guardian can fly out with his or her child.

Human trafficking steals our women. Aside from the fact that it costs us billions of dollars, most importantly, human trafficking de-humanizes the female gender, and is an almost guaranteed cycle of crime, drugs, the break-up of families, and orphaned children. James Tarantin believes that We must win the war on Human Trafficking.


Maternity Leave – Loving Moms:


  • Problem: Only when one has a child does one understand the physical and mental burden a mother has to go through. Nearly two-thirds of mothers in Maryland and in the U.S. with children under the age of 6, work. Additionally, in over 30 states, according to Time Magazine Oct/24/2016, it costs more to put an infant in day care than it does to pay in state college tuition and fees at a four-year public school. The typical costs of a full-time  daycare tops $28,000, which for minimum-wage workers is 188% of income according to Mothers all across this country cannot afford a nanny or a night-nurse and therefore are sleep deprived for months as most babies wake up every 3-4 hours on average. The United States is one of the very few nations that doesn’t provide a quality, solid maternity leave. The purpose is NOT to let companies have debt, but to find a way how to help mothers in need who cannot afford a nanny.
  • Solution: Mothers Care NOW: Every mother making less than $100k a year must get a 4 month fully paid maternity leave and the safety that her job will be waiting for her when she returns. Often a Mother cannot depend on friends or family, who themselves are busy working. No mother should have to choose between caring for her child or losing a job. It is critical we foster a solution that will have a positive impact in the mental health of mothers. Their state of mind directly impacts our children’s cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional development. It is the right, moral thing to do.
  • A Married Couple making less $200k a year will receive a double child tax credit.
  • A Married Couple making less $200k a year will pay no taxes on a home down payment.
  • Parents putting aside money for their college child’s education should be tax free.
  • Mothers’ treasures are her kids. We must provide a complete safety across Maryland!
  • Standing with Women: educate young women on the process of healthy pregnancies. This will make their return to the workplace so later, if they choose, a much smoother one. They can take the full advantage of the economic opportunities waiting for them. Moreover, many good mothers across the country are helpless with the proper education on how to raise their precious newborn baby in the first few months of his/her life. Mothers barely sleep due to late night feedings and that fact takes a huge toll on their health and vitality. THEREFORE, Let’s support our mothers on neonatal and postnatal care right now!
  • Women Rights are Human Rights: James Tarantin will fight with all his might that no woman in America will ever be denied of coverage just because she is a woman. With the innovative ideas presented by James Tarantin, even the hardest-hit communities across the USA will slowly start to have adequate OB-GYN care for women, as well as other compassionate healthcare programs. All women deserve Equal Rights, Equal Pay, a full access to healthcare, a paid maternity leave. “I am my sister’s keeper.”


A Personal Message from James Tarantin:

I hope you find my position here humane for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people of all faiths.

It is my genuine intention to treat fairly All People from every creed and color living in Maryland and the United States of America.

I will fight with all my might to pass the innovative policies presented here so YOUR VOICE WILL COME ALIVE.

Let’s do this together folks and bring back The American Dream to as many doorsteps as we can.  My whole soul is into this … to Heal America and make YOUR DREAMS COME ALIVE!

With profound humility, I genuinely hope that I will have the honor of having your vote for the United States Senate this coming November/8TH, 2022.