For Public Safety

Violent crime rate is raging and it is due to politics. As a father and husband, James understands the importance of keeping people safe. He will not jeopardize our safety to score political points. James will support our police and give them the tools they need to do their jobs.


“I strongly believe that we need to treat all people –from every creed and color living in Maryland—fairly while holding those who break our laws uniformly accountable. My goal as your Senator, will be to fight with all my might to pass the innovative policies so your voice is heard in Washington. Together we can make our streets safe once again.”

James Tarantin


As our next Senator, James will:


  • Support increased funding for our first responders
  • Support placing police in our schools to keep our children safe
  • Make prevention a priority by providing social services such as counseling and substance rehab
  • Improve the cell-phone text alert system
  • Strengthen the Purple Line Transportation project so it protects the Hiker Biker trail and all the communities along the route.
  • Data System: Create an effective data-system technology to detect potential crime-spots or/and a terrorist who leaves a suspicious bag on the street and walks away.
  • America’s law enforcement officers are our frontline defense against criminals. Every day the brave men and women in blue put on their uniforms not knowing if they will return home alive at the end of their shift. Now some people want to defund the police. Even worse, some believe victims of crime should pay their perpetrators. James stand squarely with law enforcement and oppose any effort to defund the police. He will also stand with victims of crime and not with the criminals.