For Seniors

  • When James grew up, his father constantly told him: “please do not cast me (the elders) away when my beard turns white.” This lesson was learned early by James. In his youth he would truly drop everything to help the elders carry their grocery bags up the stairs to their apartments. James Tarantin fiercely believes that now is the time to honor our seniors. They are the pillars of our society.
  • Now is the time to lift the lives of seniors to the sunlight of dignity after the horrors our seniors went through during COVID-19.
  • James Tarantin fiercely believes that now is the time to make sure that we honor all the social benefits our seniors need to get.
  • Now is the time to give major tax-credits for real estate entrepreneurs who build affordable housing for the elders.
  • Now is the time to reduce the costs of prescription drugs and give families tax credits if they take care of their elderly parents as they get closer to meet our common creator.
  • Protect the dignity of the elders! Allow the elderly to retire in honor and in good health.
  • Older people in Maryland and across the USA cannot afford the high taxes and the transportation costs, while there aren’t enough 55-and-up older communities.


A Personal Message from James Tarantin:

I hope you find my position here humane for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people of all faiths.

It is my genuine intention to treat fairly All People from every creed and color living in Maryland and the United States of America.

I will fight with all my might to pass the innovative policies presented here so YOUR VOICE WILL COME ALIVE.

Let’s do this together folks and bring back The American Dream to as many doorsteps as we can. My whole soul is into this … to Heal America and make YOUR DREAMS COME ALIVE!

With profound humility, I genuinely hope that I will have the honor of having your vote for the United States Senate this coming November/8TH, 2022.