Uplifting Farmers

James Tarantin’s mother grew up as an orphan on a farm. She woke up each morning at 4am to milk the cows. Moreover, for over a decade, James himself has also experienced poverty. He had no choice but begging farmers and chefs of every creed and color to give him the leftovers they had from the daily produce, so he will not go to sleep hungry that day.

As a result, James Tarantin can deeply relate to the pain of people who have no food to put on the table. He will fight with all his might TO HELP parents, so that they will see the smile on the faces of their kids, when they serve them with warm meals.



  • There are about 2 million farm acres in Maryland.
  • Agriculture is a vital industry in our beloved Maryland.
  • Maryland’s farmland has played a pivotal role in the U.S.A. since 1634.
  • Maryland’s farming industry is one of the largest industries in Maryland. From crops to dairy and from vineyards, poultry, wineries to honey and livestock, all and more types of MD farming such as horticulture add roughly $8.2 billion to our economy and employ more than 300,000 people in 2019.



  • Much of the farming industry is controlled by monopolies who enjoy the Lion’s Share of the government subsidies, and thus the profits.
  • Many farmers suffer from saltwater intrusion due to sea-level rising.
  • Many Children in Maryland go to sleep hungry. This is unacceptable. This is America!
  • There are many communities that live in food deserts; areas without access to quality and affordable food due to low-income or far distance to the nearby market.


Solutions – becoming farmers’ best good-faith agent!

  • Sign better trade deals with foreign countries to buy U.S. Farmers’ goods. We must open international markers for Maryland’s agricultural exports.


  • The Farmers’ Commonwealth: the Federal government must open a national website that is smart and simple, where each official farm can have its own page and the total collective farmers can share ideas, resources and raise money for their projects legally. From the Eastern Shore to the mountains in the west, farmers must have access to capital for:

    • Development & Infrastructure
    • Energy
    • Broadband communications
  • Investments in Farms: Any business or individual that invests more than $100k in small-size privately-owned farms, should pay only 10% federal tax on the profit and a 30% of the original investment should be tax-deductible.
  • Increase farmland preservation by as much as 30% and pass a bi-partisan plan to categorize another 500,000 acres as agricultural, wooded and open space.
  • Encourage and support organic farming such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains and more.
  • Give farmers incentives to protect waterways and create summits which would highlight innovative strategies used elsewhere in the ways that we use, conserve, protect and think about CLEAN WATER in Maryland for years to come.
  • Create partnerships with taxi companies and residents who live in food deserts. If they provide free rides to the nearest market, they will get major tax credits.


A Personal Message from James Tarantin:

I hope you find my position here humane for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people of all faiths.

It is my genuine intention to treat fairly All People from every creed and color living in Maryland and the United States of America.

I will fight with all my might to pass the innovative policies presented here so YOUR VOICE WILL COME ALIVE.

Let’s do this together folks and bring back The American Dream to as many doorsteps as we can. My whole soul is into this … to Heal America and make YOUR DREAMS COME ALIVE!

With profound humility, I genuinely hope that I will have the honor of having your vote for the United States Senate this coming November/8TH, 2022.