A New Prosperity

When the will to Give

will replace the will to receive,

mankind will have a new name …


I believe that no arsenal in the armies of the world is more formidable than the courage to love a perfect stranger MORE than you love yourself.

May I offer a choice: would you want to make $3,000 a month while everyone else makes only $1,000? Or, would you want to make $4,000 a month while everyone else makes $7,000? Should you genuinely choose the latter … you have a real start.

Don’t judge your fellow human by experience, knowledge, IQ, or Talent. Ask: what beliefs does this person hold?

Every person has the right to write his or her future. Every person has the responsibility to write it for the progress of all people.

The more we give of self, the more we become our true selves and our beauty is revealed. Seek not what your fellow man can do for you, but what We can do together for Mankind.

Our mutual prosperity lies not only in the increase of self-centered knowledge, but rather the increase of loving kindness towards Earth and each other.

Happiness is not a pursuit. Happiness is here and now.

Freedom without responsibility towards each other is another form of bondage. Prosperity without real opportunities for many is another form of Poverty. Peace without real union is another form of War. Giving without pure intentions is another form of deceit.

In the morning of your life, you are born with pure intentions. At noon, you attain genuine truth by Knowing Thy Self. In the afternoon, you begin to give light to others with the same passion you had in the morning. At night, you joy looking at the heaven around you. At midnight, the gates of Heaven are open, and when you arrive there, looking down, you smile and say: “I have seen this place before.”

Offer this ideal as self-evidence: as long as our collective humanity lives, every dream deserves to see its dawn.

Good intentions lead to giving ethical policies.

Ethical policies lead to opportunity for all.

Opportunity for all leads to the confidence of citizens in the market.

The confidence of citizens in the market leads to a prosperous economy.

Wealth, Honor, Knowledge and Sovereignty, are all social desires that only exist within a society. And though they often come from an egotistical place, these desires have evolved humankind but made man define happiness in proportion to them.
May I offer a choice: Is it better to suppress these desires or channel them to genuine altruism?

Let’s channel all of our adrenaline rush and fierce competition to one positive aspect; Giving unconditionally.

Whether Black or White, Poor or Rich, Gay or Straight, Disabled or not Disabled, Man or Woman … we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator.

But, that’s not enough… Let’s be Equal in the eyes of each other.

The American question is open as long as the wall between the Rich and Poor stands. I say that as long as this wall is permitted to stand, it is not the American question alone that is open, but the question of Union for all mankind.

Pure value means a state before the separation. A time where opposites were one.

Economics is a moral science, to accumulate capital for a higher purpose.

Machines can connect. The Union depends on us.

My three favorite attributes: Pure Intentions, Unconditional Giving and Moral Courage.

A day when Giving will replace receiving.

A day when we will see the customer as a human being.

A day when a trustworthy handshake will replace contracts.

A day when self-made billionaires will remember the times when they were poor.

A day when the winning team in sports will reward the losing team.

A day when mothers in Israel shall light the candles on Friday night for the health of young boys in Medina, and that fathers in Mecca shall fall to the call of the Azan praying for the happiness of young Jewish girls in Jerusalem.

A day when people of the Pacific-Asia shall hear the bells of Notre Dame ringing the words “Blessed are the pure in heart … for they shall see God.” And that citizens of a certain square in Rome gather to read the story of a young Indian prince.

This day is the cement which seals our shared idealism. This day is daring, idealistic and fair.

Our Freedom is not intended to be a weapon of separation when we say to others: “leave me in peace.” There could be no Real freedom without True peace for all the human race. True peace is not a place of receiving or convenience. True Peace is when members of the human family are genuinely united to ink the first blank page of our new story.

A world of true peace begins with the greatest act, a genuine intention in the heart. As the Greek author, Plutarch, once observed: “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”

The greatest achievement is to live as your higher-self. The greatest joy is to give your higher-self for the good of others.

In 2008, my mother observed: “Some say, that nowadays less miracles occur because not so many are willing to bow low enough.”

As a good teacher is to a student, so should government be for its citizens; a guide whose by good intentions, wisdom and moral example encourages bravery, productivity and unity.