Less Alone

I believe that no arsenal in the armies of the world is more formidable than the courage to love a perfect stranger MORE than you love yourself.

It’s tough these days to find a patient ear which is genuinely willing to listen. Listen.

Our mutual prosperity lies not only in the increase of self-centered knowledge, but rather the increase of loving kindness towards Earth and each other.

Don’t judge your fellow human by experience, knowledge, IQ, or Talent. Ask: what beliefs does this person hold?

My wife once asked: “Can our overpopulation indicate the extent of our division? If yes, why then can over 6.5 billion cells in our body work in unity while WE can’t?”

We are none but one. One equal temper of Heroic Hearts. To strive, to light and not to yield.

One of the secrets to a happy life is the ability to recognize every moment as an original creation. Be immersed in this Present.

Expand our Moral Outlook; see life from the shoes of a perfect stranger.

When you give unconditionally, you can’t spend the spiritual rewards at the mall. Yet ultimately, you can’t buy a better gift.

The effectiveness of a group is determined by how well the group communicates rather than their individual IQ.

Diversity is essential to happiness, yet what ultimately defines the human race is neither a birth place nor a mother tongue, but that all hearts beat as one.

The American question is open as long as the wall between the Rich and Poor stands. I say that as long as this wall is permitted to stand, it’s not the American question alone that is open, but the question of Union for all humankind.

The more we give of self, the more we become our true selves and our beauty is revealed. Seek not what your fellow man can do for you, but what We can do together for Mankind.

What is the uniting element between you and the object that makes a sound? The eardrum. It enables you to measure the volume and pitch of a sound.

What is the uniting element between you and your fellow men? A genuine intention to Give. It enables us to measure one’s authenticity and ultimately … success.

Sacred fire of progress is when the mind is awakened not in terms of “Individual Intellect” but “Universal Intellect” that sees the hearts of people at large.

In music and arts, we can contemplate the Universal Will apart from our own self-centered desires.

Motherhood and childhood are the cornerstones of compassionate care. Not for nothing, they are the force that holds the world as does Mother Nature.

Respect those who migrate, for as proven by ancient history, they are bearers of our collective human evolution.

When you feel hopeless, look up to the sky and ponder on the vastness of the stars. Think of how many millions of people are doing the same. Take comfort in your shared experience.

Often, inflicting punishment will not be effective in changing behavior; Rewarding and forgiving may gain greater cooperation.

Let us not only go to memorial halls to remember history, but go further to make history again.

Why is marriage sacred? Because two perfect strangers meet and are challenged to give each other unconditional love for mutual growth.

The 40th President of the United States said at the United Nations: “We often forget how much unites all the members of Humanity. Perhaps we need some outside Universal threat to make us recognize our common bound. I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world … and yet I ask you … if not an alien force already among us … what could be more alien to the Universal aspiration of our peoples than War and the threat of War?”

Whether Black or White, Poor or Rich, Gay or Straight, Disabled or not Disabled, Man or Woman … we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator.

But that’s not enough… Let’s be Equal in the eyes of each other.

An unbiased mind is like a clear mirror, held steady, not oscillating with hasty judgments.

When women were out there marching Together for the right to vote, they weren’t certain when they will see the light over the horizon, but they pressed on. When workers were organizing Together for the right to organize and were being intimidated, they weren’t certain when a new sun will rise, but they believed.

Look at Science from the Prism of art, and look at art from the prism of Science.

Constantly hear people with opposite views from yours and genuinely give them credit in public.

People may not come from a wealthy pedigree or have a fancy degree, but they possess the most potent weapon of all: a genuine passion for a world of shared prosperity. And when you give Man an opportunity at life, a step forward … young and old will naturally do extraordinary things to materialize this dream into a celebration.

When our intentions are genuine and altruistic, our free-will decides to bestow light for common progress. And yet when Man forgets and chooses self-centered pleasures in the expense of others, he will ultimately lose to the system of Nature and science which work on the principle of altruism.

Pessimists doubt what we can achieve when we hold our common torch, and direct its light toward the shores of the brightest future. At this defining moment, let us make it our finest hour by remembering that our human power does not come from self-centered pleasures, the speed of our machines, or the capital of our banks, but when we shared an altruistic intention.