The Point in The Heart

One time a child asked me, “Are people being nice?”

Devotion to a purpose that is greater than ourselves is the final truth humankind always returns to.

Any human activity, including the most materialistic, is enfolded within the spiritual.

Heroism is Here. Not there.

To a degree, no one is successful, until all of us are successful.

Until all of us have made it, none of us have made it.

Grade your success by what you had to sacrifice for it.

The majesty of the arts and sciences is where we forget self and our innovations bridge Earth to The Source who created us.

If you are For Giving … start, by genuinely Forgiving.

Your inner intentions shine so brightly that I am blind to how you are dressed.

The more we give of self, the more we become our true selves and our beauty is revealed. Ask not what your fellow man can do for you, but what we can do together for Mankind.

What is the uniting element between you and the object that makes a sound? The eardrum. It enables you to measure the volume and pitch of a sound.

Not long ago, two citizens appeared before a Judge. The first said: “This man owes me money according to this contract he signed.” The judge reads the contract and replies: “Sir, why won’t you pay the gentleman?” The man said: “I would, but I have lost all my money in the recession, your honor. My daughter is hungry and I can’t even feed her.”

The judge decreed that the poor man must pay his duties within one month or suffer the consequences.

The next day the Judge didn’t go to work. He was fundraising for the poor man.

Why Earth is under Heaven?

So when one day Humanity brings Heaven onto Earth; we will say: “Yes, it was Us who did it.”

As the compass seeks the North. Let our inner compass seek works which shed light and progress all people.

The rain falls,

The wind tenderly blows,

The flowers bloom,

The ocean moves,

And I am happy. We Are … none, but One.

The might of our example is more powerful than the example of our might.

I tend to agree with the wise: “Ultimately, what you do doesn’t matter, only what you intend to achieve by it.”

What is the uniting element between you and your fellow men? A genuine intention to Give. It enables us to measure one’s authenticity and ultimately … success.

Educate a child with pure intentions on Good. And most likely the child shall not depart from the righteous path.

When you wake up in the morning and wonder: “Why are we here?” It is a sure sign that you are on your way up the ladder.

In a village lived a wealthy man that whatever he touched turned into gold. His name was legendary and happiness beamed from him. One day, his daughter got sick. The entire town came to pray for her speedy recovery. When she did recover, they all went to the wealthy man’s castle to congratulate him, but to their great surprise, the man was shedding tears. When they asked “why?” the man replies, “I cry, because when a poor man’s daughter gets sick … nobody cares.”

One Decision. One Transformation. One World.

As the compass seeks the North. Let our inner compass seek works which shed light and progress all people.

Respect those who migrate, for as proven by ancient history, they are bearers of our collective human evolution.

Honor and care for the elders. Do not cast them aside when their hair turns grey. Be their social insurance covenant, for they are not a remnant of the past, but rather children who have built the pillars on which we stand today.

Easy to give to charity when abundance is with us, tougher to truly care when money dwindles.

Knowledge is receiving. Wisdom is giving.

If history teaches something, it teaches that self-delusion in the face of uncomfortable facts is dangerous. Thomas Jefferson’s observation offers a solution: “a little rebellious now and then is a very good thing.” From the revolt of Spartcus to the American Revolution, and from the storming of the Bastille to the Warsaw uprising in World War II, people recognized the facts of darkness and with courage they went to the aid of mankind.

An open society should not scold or penalize wealthy entrepreneurs nor their self-made achievements. Our Free Enterprise market shows that each person can make progress.

But when someone exits a luxury store after spending $1,000 on shoes, yet ignores the poor woman laying on the floor begging for $1 … my conscience whispers: “are we really making progress?”

It is easy to pick up the phone when someone important calls us, but worlds tougher when it is an unknown young man striving to succeed.

Motherhood and childhood are the cornerstones of compassionate care. Not for nothing, they are the force that holds the world as does Mother Nature.

Conquer the frightful: “No, I can’t.”  But Fear having pride.

If your farm ever burns, don’t ask if the cabin still stands, rather, see if anyone got hurt. Value people over property.

When our intentions are genuine and altruistic, our free-will decides to bestow light for common progress. And yet when Man forgets and chooses self-centered pleasures in the expense of others, he will ultimately lose to the system of Nature and science which work on the principle of altruism.

Pessimists doubt what we can achieve when we hold our common torch, and direct its light toward the shores of the brightest future. At this defining moment, let us make it our finest hour by remembering that our human power does not come from self-centered pleasures, the speed of our machines, or the capital of our banks, but when we shared an altruistic intention.

Sir William Blackstone once observed: “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent man suffer.”

The judicial laws structured by man cannot always protect the innocent, genuine justice is ultimately left for the heart to do the right thing.